For 8+ years, Absolute Athletics has worked with thousands of athletes through fitness training, sports, and camps!  Athletes from Youth to Adult of All Sports have taken Advantage of their Opponents by taking the Advantage of this Opportunity! Here are some stories from members of The Absolute Family!


"My son started training with Coach Brad when he was 6, he is now 9 and I wouldn't take not one day back since we been in the program. Absolute Fitness pushes an athlete to their fullest potential, I've witnessed them give their all in training sessions.  Coach Brad will not allow an athlete to quit but will take timeto make sure he finds that extra push that they need to continue.  He see's things in your athlete that we as parents may not see. He gave my son the name "TRUTH" and he has definitely proven himself to be that in training sessions and on the field.  The overall improvement of my son from Day 1 to now I definitely owe to Absolute Fitness and I recommend that any athlete looking to get training come see Coach Brad now!!!"

Rachell Breedlove, Mother of Amin Davis Jr. ​


"My son Brandon Saunders competed in Absolute Athletics Future Prospects Showcase/Camp!  Registration day was Day 1, we met the coaches, got their uniforms, and equipment. They even took our boys through a body analysis, where they got their weight, height, body measurements, and a couple other test!  Once at the field all of these players in the showcase went to different workout stations, where they competed at different things like,: sit ups, push ups, 40yrd dash, broad jump, tug of war, even dodgeball.  Marcus Wall visited as a guest speaker and spoke to all the boys about being a student before  athlete and encouraging them to always give 100%!  The last day the players were divided up and played a good game of football with in their grade level!  What a nice way to bring players together and working together with one goal-to win the game!

Donna Saunders, Mother of Brandon Saunders


"When I say this is more than a testimony it was a life changer for my son, Louis Baul aka, "Five".  Five has always been a driven gifted individual and had a love to play sports and be apart of a team. When we decided to join the Absolute Broncos he was five years old, was a shell shocking experience.  Five had never touched a ball or be apart of any team.  With his difficulties with ADHD and behavioral issues in school, I knew that we might have needed some extra help.  That's when I sent out to Brad Austin to see if we can get him in some training.  Now this was very time consuming.  We had practice on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday ; training on Tuesday, Thursday, and even Sundays.  Not to mention gamedays on Saturdays!  From joining Absolute Athletics I have seen my underdog to be able to rise to each challenge that he has come across.  As a single mother raising a boy I couldn't ask for more!  His behavior and skills have definitely improved.  Many look at Five as being too small, not being  able to focus or even being pointless to some extremes but they took time with my son!  He became MVP on his 6u team last spring which won the Championship!!  As he moves up in age, I know that he will continue to be the underdog  but with the "Family" (Absolute Athletics and The Broncos)my worries of him being held back, never able to show his greatness is gone!  Five continues to work on his skill and speed to make sure whatever sport he chooses to play, he overcomes and becomes better than he was before!"

Olanda Marie Gomez Baul, Mother of Louis "Five" Baul 


Awesome environment for the youth to become Adult Leaders!!!

Tank Harris, Father of Desmond Harris


This training is one of a kind and well worth it!!

Brikney Baxter, Mother of Tyson Ware


Absolutely LOVE having someone for Landon to train with, be coached by, and look up to!!"

Tom and Monica Heur, Parents of Landon Heur


"Thank You Coach for helping my son along the way on becoming the athlete he is today!

Dion Marshall, Mother of KJ Marshall, PG  for Pitt University Basketball