Sports Performance Training-Absolute Advantage

We work on all aspects of our athletes skill set! Once per month we do monthly assessments with every member on our program. 

These assessments track:

Body Analysis: Height, Body Weight,  Body Fat%, and  other Body Measurements

Performance Test: 40yd Dash, Pro Shuttle, Broad Jump, 1 min Push Ups, 1 min sit ups, and more

We do this to show you progress on a monthly basis!

Results Are Guaranteed!  Our 60-90 minute sessions are designed to create breakthroughs not plateaus!  Every session brings a new experience to keep your body and mind challenging itself to maximize your true potential!

                 Strength Training


Absolute has an integrated  strength program to introduce, measure, and progress all of our athletes on, no matter of  level or sport of the athlete, they will be challenged and progress at great rates!

We do many different body weight exercises with our younger and older athletes. Athletes old enough are also introduced to our weight lifting program!  We focus on every muscle in the athlete's body. They work upper body, lower body, and core in every session!

            Speed & Agility Training


Our Speed program is unmatched!  We use science, creativity, and many different in game drills/movements to increase your overall speed!  Whether its linear, lateral, or change of direction, you will be able to kill your opponent with on every effort!

We do this with not losing focus on conditioning. Endurance is a key factor in not only maintaining your performance throughout the duration of competition but also will assist with maintaining your top end speed for a longer duration of time!

            Position Specific Skills


This program is not just about getting bigger, stronger, and faster.  We  work hard at specializing and providing cutting edge drills to mirror and master the movements required of our athletes during game time!

You will not just become a better athlete, you will become an expert at your position!