Body Transformation System

While specializing in working with young athletes, we do so without losing focus on youth as well as adults who have the interest in achieving fitness goals.  If you have the goal of Weight-Loss, Weight-Gain, Toning, or just to get and maintain physical activity this is the place for you!!

            PERSONAL TRAINING 1-ON-1


If you have fitness goals and  prefer assistance in  an 1 on 1 type of environment, we offer personal training in which the program will be tailored to your needs and your trainer will become more than a trainer in your time with them!  You will receive 1 hour sessions with whichever day per week package you choose!


Many clients take advantage of our small group training classes!  These classes are highly motivating, a team like atmosphere, and creatively challenging!  Each workout will bring new movements and exercises to keep your body guessing!  Your group's trainer makes every client feel as if this is a personal session with the passion and continued efforts to not only focus on the team as 1 but having the ability to focus on each individual in the group! Our clients enjoy engaging in these workouts due to the fact that they don't only get great results but they are able to move and progress at their own pace!!

   Absolute Body Transformation


In our Adult/Youth fitness programs we focus on the total transformation of the body and what the body is able to do!  Our clients engage in exercise routines that are designed to not only have them looking better than ever before but to also provide every member with the abilities to do what they have never been able to do before! No matter the goal of the client, our program is PLATEU PROOF.  Our mission in being an unmatched training facility is backed by the continuing effort of always breaking through any barrier or obstacle placed in front of our clientele!

 Monthly Assessments


In your first session with your trainer you will take your very 1st body assessment.  We do this once per month with all clients to track where we started and how we are progressing! Our assessments do not only track our clients physical changes, throughout the month we also have a performance test incorporated to show the client what they are capable of doing now that they are on the Absolute Program!

These assessments track:

Body Analysis: Height, Body Weight,  Body Fat%, and  other Body Measurements

Performance Test: 40yd Dash, Pro Shuttle, Broad Jump, 1 min Push Ups, 1 min sit ups, and more.